vine boys FTW

matt you made it past step one bc your pants are undone but in order to pass step two i gotta be in them, yanno what I’m sayin?

Shawn’s first tv performance on t10
I don’t care if everyone’s gonna know about him now. I don’t care if we’re gonna have a whole new set of fangirls going after him. I honestly don’t care that he’s becoming so known so fast. He’s still 15 year old Shawn who hates winters, loves reggae music, silly but also mature, and is grateful for everything that has happened. This is his dream. If the problem on your mind is “aw man all these newborns only know shawn bc of life of the party” or something to that extent, you should rethink your mindset.
Shawn wants to make it big and he needs our support- not some fucking civil war amongst his fans. I’m so excited for Shawn and what’s in store for him in the future.





seeing a hot guy walk by like


Reblogging for the sheer hilarity of the gif.

It would be a mistake not to

"Four score and one booty ago damn that’s a fine ass"


you think you’re always late? i hung my first mcr poster 30 min before they announced their break up